Colorism Issue

If you look up the definition of colorism the first thing that shows up on the web is “Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group”

As for me personally, I have never experienced colorism but I have friends and personally know people who have. And although I’ve never experienced it myself I still feel pain knowing girls that are my complexion are affected by it. It’s 2018 and you still here about little girls younger than the age of ten being bullied for how dark their skin is. In a way, sometimes I feel like colorism causes dark skin girls to feel more hurt than racism does considering you’re being discriminated against by your own race. Which is why it’s a type of betrayal you feel.

For all my elementary and middle school years I always went to predominantly white schools due to the education being better there. Therefore, I never had to face colorism and never heard things along the lines of “light skin girls…” or “dark skin girls” ever. It’s not until I got to high school where there’s a lot more diversity that I started hearing colorists comments. Before then I’d just always thought no matter what shade you were at the end of the day you were still the race you were. Now I can’t help but notice someone’s complexion when I’m talking to them, especially if they’re black. It’s so shocking how being in a certain environment or around certain people can have an affect on your mindset, whether you want it to or not.

I’m taking stand on colorism. I want to help create an end to it or at least decrease the existence of it. Please join me on my journey to writing about it and helping create a platform for girls like me and darker.


Author: mckaylamilam

I am 15 years of age, I attend Hillgrove High School, and am a believer🙏🏿😁

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