“Melanated Beauty” poem

My hair that is thick and curly, is not straight

In some cases it can have the power of determining my fate

My skin is not pale

So my classification is ranked low on a scale

The complexion of my skin is neither light

Which makes me farther from being white

Therefore my beauty is nonexistent if I’m just as dark as night

I look in the mirror and realize not many feel my pain

And no, you being light skin isn’t always the same

Social media, society

Advertising how they think I should be

The numerous amounts of likes and praise

For images I won’t ever be able to look like in many ways

Films, movies, Hollywood

Won’t cast people of darker complexions even if they could

America, they look at me judge mentally

So I shy away from them fearfully

I am a minority, the unsuccessful, less fortunate one in their eyes

But my wings also work, so I’m capable of flying just as high

My heritage, where my ancestors came from

Is very different or incompatible from some

I didn’t chose this path, this path chose me

But I won’t quietly be ashamed of it guiltily

This is who I am, my destiny

And I will proudly live out it successfully

My eyes that are dark brown, almost black looking but not blue

Still show emotion and hold meaning despite their darker hue

Trying to straighten every curl pattern of my hair intentionally

When it’s abnormality expresses such creativity

My skin being labeled as “black” like others who appear to be brown

But mine like some is darker, which may cause the insecure one to frown

Are all of us that are brown really considers “black”?

Because respect for the different shades of brown is something even our own race lacks

My brown isn’t caramel or nutmeg

But dark chocolate instead

Just because my coffee isn’t lighter with cream

Doesn’t mean I’m less beautiful as you may think I seem

My features that are naturally bigger such as my lips

Are only praised towards the ones that were injected so now they appear somehow perfect

But the natural appearance of girls just like me

Has such amazing profound beauty

We captivate the attention of those who are naive to our looks

Because they’re only used to the white skin, light skin, people or characters in movies and books

But we will fearlessly live in for justice

To inspire the ones just like us

And we’ll continue shocking those that are foreign

To our uniqueness we were born in

I wrote this a few months back in August. I hope this really inspires someone out there. That no matter your complexion lunate beautiful, despite society’s standards. Much love and blessings!


Author: mckaylamilam

I am 15 years of age, I attend Hillgrove High School, and am a believer🙏🏿😁

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